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Alessio Romeo

Officer L3 
Section ID: IT 005
Expiry date: 12.2025

Criminology Expert

Counselor / Coordinator


IPO Section Italy


Secretary National & Coordinator

Representative for Ischia Island



Expert consultant in Forensic, Investigative, Criminological Sciences enrolled in the National Register of Professionals (since 2019).

From 2020, registered as an effective member (with Qualification Certificate) in the national register A.I.C.I.S. of Criminologists for Investigation and Security (recognized by the MISE under Law no. 4/2013).

Equipped with good observation and analysis skills of behavior and context, emergency management and self-control. Oriented towards empathy and altruism, interested in disseminating knowledge and tools on issues relating to security and the prevention of crime and deviance.

Areas of expertise:
Criminology: profiling,

investigation and interrogation techniques, computer crimes, false documents;
Bullying and Cyberbullying, Childhood Abuse and Maltreatment;
Emergency psychology and stress management;
Environmental Security, Urban Security, COVID-19 Emergency.

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Alessio Romeo-IPO Italy Course Forensics
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