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M. Gérard Fritz
Section ID: CH-H 001 
Rank: High Officer L3  
Expiry date: Unlimited
Profession: CDT (RC) Gendarmerie

Position: Honorary Member
Department: IPO Section Switzerland



Commander  of Gendarmerie in Reserve 

Volunteer hired in the Paratroopers GIBPOM
Patent 171,857, 1 RPIMA 1960,

3 RPIMA ALGERIA 1961, 3 RPIMA 1962/63
Parachuting Instructor 1972,

3 REI Guyane 1996, 11 times in Guyane,

05 times in Martinique, 07 times in Réunion

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IPO Membership CH-H 001 Honorary Member.
IPO Merit Cert CH-H 001 Honorary.png