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 Together with our partner from Colombia Police Scientific Institute Simon Bolivar represented by Director Edgar Rafael Rivas we are representing you :



 Losing a family member or friend in an act of sudden or unprovoked violence is an unprecedented tragedy. Unfortunately, in the last few years, terrorist organizations have been creating just such situations through online radicalization. Attackers kill and inflict injuries by randomly selecting victims without any preconceived plan about the exact time, location of the attack or the victims. The attacks start without warning, are very fast, dynamic and usually last a few minutes, while the attacker has ammunition or if he is armed with a knife while he has the strength to swing it or people do not run away from him and the police come.

Benefits : Attending this course you will learn most important things how to survive sudden attack without panic and drama. You will learn tactics how to respond fast and run, take a cover or even fight against attacker.

For all IPO or CCIO members who want to take this course, there will be a contribution fee of 30 euros.

For the public,  IPO or CCIO non-members, there will be a contribution fee of 40 euros.

You must make a contribution to  and send us a copy of your payment to:

Course procedure: After IPO  registered payment,  in the mail you will get 15 a4 pages for learning. 15 days after that, we will send you 20 exam questions to which you have 20 minutes to answer. It takes 16 correct answers to get a certificate. The answers offered are YES or NO, TRUE or FALSE.

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