Dan Zahdour
Section ID: DK-001 (01-134)
Rank: High Officer L1 / Instructor
Expiry date: 10.2021
Profession: Security Officer
Position: Section Leader Denmark
Department: Headquarters

E-mail: mail@blackops-concept.com

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Dan Zahdour IPO Section leader Denmark.p

Grand Master 9 dan krav maga, expert police, army and private security.
At the age of 6, Dan Zahdour practiced karate and team sports (rugby, football, tennis, diving, swimming). Then he was introduced to martial arts and combat sports.

Military service as a paratrooper to 9 RCP then engages in foreign legion for a period of five years and develops a combat experience, continues his learning in several disciplines such as judo , Shotokan karate and Kyokushinkai, full-contact,

Thai boxing krav maga etc etc

He made many kumite and full contact fights. Several times titled in these disciplines.
Driven by the constant desire to excel and learn, he perfected himself with many experts from various close combat and close-combat disciplines.
During a mission abroad in 1991, he discovered Krav Maga in Israel. He graduated as an instructor in Krav-Maga, then in Krav-Maga, "VIP Protection" and "Forces of the Order". He then represented various krav maga federations.
In addition to this specialization, he has acquired the status of Chief Instructor 3 dan

SPK in Continuing Formation at Captain Jacques Levinet as chief instructor of the Real Operational System tonfa, baton and GTOIP (Gestures Technique Operational Intervention) Instructor cane of defense, defense stick, defense method AAMJL.Also vice president of the International Police Confederation (IPC) .Diplomed instructor ASP stick telescopic.

It offers a comprehensive operational training and develops versatile training programs, including specific shooting techniques in situation and combat shooting, self defense and combat sports, intervention techniques, professional use of tonfa and telescopic baton and handcuffs.
It also provides a framework for professional internships in Europe and internationally, allowing him to develop techniques specific to specific areas and contexts: he conceptualizes the mission of security in a confined space set up in the trains, ferie, bus. Responsible for training and intervention in penitentiary institutions;


He is involved in dealing with the problem of urban violence.
In September 2006, he became unit commander at the police training center. Since then, he has been working at the Training Unit Operational Training Unit, which he founded in 1995, where he is founder, designer and technical director of OTUD police training .. also co-founder of krav maga R.E.D PRO TRAINING SOLUTION
He is currently training instructors (Operational Training Unit) from civil society and administrations, and intervenes on several trainings in Europe and abroad, while remaining consultant to the intervention groups, close protection of the personalities of the armed forces. and private security companies