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IPO - Forensic Intelligence & Crime Analysis Unit - FICAU

is a Program that aims to assist the police and other law enforcement agencies

in investigating and analyzing crime by making available specialists, experts,

analysts and consultants with their professional experience.

By definition, Forensic Science already plays an intermediary role between specialized fields

of science and law enforcement. In the definition, Forensic Intelligence is the accurate,

timely, and useful product of logically processing forensic case data.

The evolution of policing strategies and new technologies has dramatically increased

the role of intelligence in law enforcement agencies.

Despite difficulties implementing former community-based and problem-oriented philosophies beyond specific experiments, it is now generally recognized that intelligence has an important role to play in both the diagnosis of insecurity problems and the design of targeted, preventative actions.

The strategic allocation of resources to the most significant problems and the measure of police performances provide additional managerial motivation for enhanced intelligence-based approaches to policing.

The increased role of intelligence has been augmented through the creation of crime analysis units within police organizations and law enforcement agencies. However, the implementation of these new structures has occasionally encountered resistance. It is not always clear why the police should expand their role when there is often a lack of resources to carry out their traditional job.

Ideologically, the new strategies can be perceived as reducing the importance of single investigations and consequently changing the role of the investigator.

Moreover, it opens the door of the confined police community to civilian employees.

The IPO Forensic Intelligence & Crime Analysis Unit - FICAU 

will train the law enforcement agencies teams in the tactical, operational, and strategic skills of investigating and analyzing crime by intersecting traditional techniques with Intelligence innovations.

Our members will have the privilege of learning from our experts and instructors

to be part of training teams worldwide.

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