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Become a member and get information from the members all around the globe!

You want education from the field of security, but it’s too expensive and time consuming to obtain?


Follow the steps below to become a member and gain access to the many different courses

available in the field of Self- Defense, Security, Criminology, Intelligence,

and many more which our experts make available to members.

Become a representative of the International Police Organization in your local area

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Benefits received by members of the organization include:

  • Membership Card and Badge delivered to home address

  • Digital Membership Certificate delivered to the e-mail address

  • Discount on learning courses

  • Can buy exclusive membership badges

  • Discount on merchandise (shirts, jackets, and other promotional material)

  • Invitation to international conferences (most active members)

  • Chance to get articles published on social media (facebook/twitter/instagram/website)

  • More opportunities to find a job

  • Education presented by leading experts with premium conditions.

-        Membership for Official Members is open to all active and retired law enforcement forces, professionals, officials and all those involved in law, security, scientific study and fit the IPO program, regardless of race, gender, color, religion and political ideas.

-        law enforcements, Retired:

To this category can join all those who are currently active in law enforcement or retired


-        Students and over 65:

-        To this category can join all students and persons over the age of 65


-        Active members & Professionals:

-        In this category can join all those who want to be active in IPO programs and projects as well as professionals from all fields


-        Businesses, Sponsors, ect

  in this category can join all Businesses and corporations which share the same value  and passions with the IPO      program and objectives as those who want to be a supporting  part of the organization.


-        All official members of all the categories can receive Badge laminated plastic ID and the certificate that will be sent to you by mail at the residential address

-        Short free training courses (a symbolic fee will be applied only in cases when the member requests a certificate for completion of the course)

-        Various information and ongoing training which will be received via e-mail.

-        Official Members will have the opportunity of career in the management departments of IPO and can be involved with the projects and any activity that will be performed by IPO

-        All official members of all the categories will have the opportunity to candidate for management positions after having spent a period of time in the IPO and have attended training courses.


For the official members of the Business / sponsor category will have the opportunity

          to be promoted in our organization as well as in other partner organizations.

         Their logo will be on all our publications pages. 

 They will have the opportunity to be involved in nationwide activities and various projects



To join the IPO as an Active/Official Member, the applicant must have a clean criminal record,

a rich professional CV, and must be over 20 years old.

The candidates from 18 up to 20 years old, can apply for membership as Official Members only if they are introduced and guaranteed by at least 2 other older members in the IPO through a formal recommendation

-Anyone who has or had final convictions for an intentional crime may not be part of the Organization indisputably.

-The members sent for trial for the willful crime, or subjected to measures restricting personal freedom, are suspended from the status of Official Member until the defined decision from the law enforcement institutions.


The processing of personal data will be in accordance with law  n. 2016/679 GDPR EU

General Data Protection Regulation of European Union on the protection of personal data".


False statement causes criminal responsibility under the law and passes your exclusion by any further proceedings.

Membership Application form

 After submitting the Online Aplication Form,

you will be contacted by our coordiators of the Membership Department.


Due to various network problems, your request may be delayed.

If you will not be contacted within 72 hours,

please send your candidature to

Downloand the official application form and IPO Program

Online Application Form

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