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Welcome to the Law Enforcement Department - LED

of International Police Organization IPO

The IPO LED is designed to connect police, military, and law enforcement officers from around the world to contribute together for a safer community, for a safer tomorrow.


Our members will have the opportunity to meet their colleagues from other countries and exchange their work experience. Given the fact that police work is different from country to country, our members will have the opportunity to develop their own work using the knowledge of other colleagues.


The police and the army are the pillars of any country, therefore the aim of this department is for our members to be the pillars of the organization, sharing their experience with civilians and the security sector through webinars and trainings, making cooperation between each other. Members of this category, like professionals, will have the opportunity to give lectures in the form of webinars or personal training.


The most active members will have the opportunity to coordinate or represent the LED in their Section in cooperation with the head of the section and under the direction and instructions of the IPO Headquarters.

Given that NGOs usually participate in numerous networking activities, our members will be able to experience interaction with different types of people and hear different opinions and perspectives.

Contribution to social impact can range from different methods.  This can help not only police officers but also other members in their education, participating in many of our projects that we are preparing in the future, as well as volunteer missions that only police officers can contribute.


Through these activities, people will experience participating in something that will improve society.

This provides a great amount of self-fulfillment and personal growth that will be hard to find elsewhere.


Considering that the IPO is invited to participate in various local and international conferences,

LED is the best source for increasing knowledge and exchanging experiences between law enforcement from different countries. These conferences are often very informative where people can learn a lot. Participating in such events educates members in various fields and helps their knowledge grow further.


You are a professional too, your knowledge can always be improved. You will also have the privilege of taking courses to further develop your knowledge. You will be able to earn degrees that can take you to great heights in the future.


In today’s day and age where almost nothing is free, gaining access to education is something that can not only benefit from greatly, it also helps balance your time and money.

LED give many opportunities for personal and professional growth which cannot be found everywhere. From the different courses and trainings to the seminars and volunteer work as well as contacting people from whole world, LED can definitely build one’s career.


LED  will work on encouraging the exchange of professional experience,  encouraging friendship between police officers from all countries, encouraging humanitarian work, learning civilians to understand the importance of police work and education which we will give them, and also supporting young people who have the wish to become police or military officer.

LED will organize their meetings and conferences with the goal to present knowledge of their members and development in public, and in that way to help people either in education either to help to provide right advices from professionals to prevent or stop the most increasing thematics, such as drug abuse , violence in every shape and protection of womans, childrens and globally human rights.

LED is open exclusively to Law Enforcement Agencies,

Organizations and Associations, Police, Military, Public Administration officials,

Government employees, regardless of race, gender, color, religion, and political ideas.

If you belong to this category and want to join us,

click and fill up the membership application form

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