Dr. Tomori Mareglen

High Officer L3  / Instructor
ID: IT 001
Expiry date: 05.2025

Crime Analyst  
Expert in Forensic Sciences,

Investigative Criminology & Intelligence

IPO Executive President &

President / Leader IPO Section Italy





E-mail: interpoliceitaly@gmail.com



Criminologist, Dr. Tomori Mareglen

Criminologist and Crime Analyst with expertise in the field of Investigative Criminology,

Forensic Sciences, Intelligence, Criminal Profiling, and technical inspection of the crime scene.


Expert Consultant in Forensic Sciences, Investigative Criminology, and Intelligence.

Specialized in cases of bullying, cyberbullying, cyberpedophilia, child abuse, violence against women and domestic violence.


Specialized in prevention and education of the use of narcotic substances, rehabilitation and integration in society of people addicted to drug use


Also specialized in road accidents, technical advice, road safety driver education as well as civic education on road behavior and road traffic rules.


Registered in the:

National Register of Professionals of Rome, Italy, Matricle Number No. 711

in the professional categories:

Expert Consultant in Forensic Sciences, Investigative Criminology and Intelligence,

Expert Consultant in Road Accidents,

Technical Consultant of Part TCP-CTP

Expert Consultant in Cyber ​​Security and Intelligence


Professional Register of A.N.E.S.P.P National Association of Public and Private Security Experts

Reg. Nr.00428/2020,  Category: Criminologist


Professional Register of Forensics Group CCEF Reg. Nr.010 – 2020, specialty:

Criminologist and Crime Analyst

International Association of Crime Analysts U.S.A since 12/09/2017

Achieved the Master Degree of law in Tirana in 2013,

the title of Expert in Forensic Sciences, Investigative Criminology, and Intelligence

at Genuensis C.I.C in Rome in 2017,

the title of Criminologist at the Uniateneo University in Varese in 2019,

the title of Expert in Cyber ​​Security at Sinervis Consulting in Milan in 2020


Attended several professional training and refresher courses on

Criminal Profiling, Inspection and Crime Scene Technician, Digital Investigations,

Cyber ​​Security and Cyber ​​Intelligence, Criminology, Criminal Psychology and Psychopathology, Juvenile Criminology, Bullying, Cyberbullying and Sexting etc.


Investigative Criminology and Crime Analysis, Intelligence Service,

Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence, Digital investigations.  

Public and Private Security & Investigation Services.

National Security Service and management of migration flows.

Global governance, International Relationship, Diplomacy, Consulting and advocacy,

Technical Consultant of Part TCP-CTP, Expert Consultant on Road Accidents,

Project Coordination in these sectors, Training and Professional Formation.


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