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Join us and be part of a global professional network that is passionate about,

and committed to, creating a safer and secure world.

Gain expertise and open doors for your career.
The IPO houses an unrivaled network of professionals, experts and advisors

who can help shape your career, provide resources to gain new skills,

advance your professional development and provide numerous

opportunities for involvement, recognition and profilization.

Collaborate with IPO partners, colleagues and member groups, online or in person,

to find and build a support for your profession or projects. 

Expand your personal network with colleagues who share your expertise and commitment.

Participate in your local IPO Section and benefit from courses and training

offered by IPO accredited instructors.


After a thorough assessment of the moral and civic qualities,

all people who share the ideas, programs and goals of our Organization and who show particular sympathy and sensitivity to

law enforcement agencies, security, volunteering and the contribution for a safer community may join as Sympathizer Members.

The Members of this category cannot get the Officially IPO Badge.

For these members will be given a Membership certificate and laminated plastic ID.

Membership Benefits :

  • Personal web profile on the official website of the IPO

  • ID Card and Membership Certificate delivered to your  address

  • Discount on learning courses

  • Participation in free webinars and free Courses

  • Discount on merchandise (shirts, jackets, and other promotional material)

  • Chance to publish articles on social media ( IPO website/facebook/twitter/instagram)

All Civilians, Supporters and Sympathizer Members will have the opportunity to join as an

Active/Official Member after attending the professional training courses offered

by the IPO or other authorized partners to form IPO members and after completing

a membership period less than a year in this category

Sympathizer Members

Civilians & Supporters 

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The verification and approval procedure of IPO membership can have a duration of 10 to 90 days from the moment you apply and send all the complete documentation specified in the application form, this ​depends on the respective institutions for the verification of candidates in their countries.