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Nikolay Keropov

High Officer L3 /Chief Instructor
Section ID: BGR - 001
Expiry date: 12.2025

Ex Police Officer - Intelligence Expert


Founder President / Leader 

IPO Section Bulgaria &

Vice President of IPO Headquarters

for Coordination in Eastern Europe


IPO Headquarters


Former Police officer, Security and Intelligence Expert.

Awarded for: excellent military service, excellent shootings,

excellent performance of combat

readiness and excellent performance of fire preparation

▪National Champion of "Police Karate

Federation” in 1994

-1991 – 1994 Technical High School

of Shipbuilding and Ship Navigation.

-09/1994 - 03/1996

Senior Sergeant

Chief Directorate “Gendarmerie”,

Novi Pazar District, military Unit 72365

Rifleman, Sniper – reconnaissance

Rapid Reaction Force Unit Ministry of Interior

-06/1997 – 03/2000 

Ministry of Justice -Prison guard for refugees.



Private Military Experience

-Security Guard

Norwegian Cruise Line – Pass.vsl  Norwegian Epic

-Expert – supervisor

Bulgarian flagged ship


Rapid Reaction Force – Atlas

Alliance for territorial, logistical and administrative security

“ATLAS” District Varna

-Chief Commander

Mobile force “Seal 1”

Bulgarian Commandos Union, district Varna

-Personal Guard

Mr. Sergey Gennadievich Horev, Former Minister of Foreign Trade of Russian Federation


Civilian work experience


-Chief Commander

Mobile force “Seal 1”

Bulgarian Commandos Union, district Varna

Instructor’s certificate of close combat, kick-boxing, boxing


Member of Bulgarian reserve officers association. 

Employee security services of the Republic of Bulgaria.

National Association of Security

Member of Trade Union Security in the Ministry of Interior

Member of Bulgarian Reserve Officers Association, Member of CIOR

Member of International Police Associaton IPA; No. 09813

 “Association of MoI

(Ministry of Interior) officers worked and working against organized crime”

International Police Association (IPA), Internal Security Department

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