Online Training Course
Military Intelligence & Terrorism

Short online course on Military Intelligence and Terrorism.
In this course, you will learn about the phenomenon of terrorism and terrorist techniques.
The financing of terrorism and the methodology of its development in the world, as well as the
importance of the member states of NATO and the UN, will be an integral part of this course.

Module 1

Megaterrorism: A new challenge for a new century

 Introduction
 NBC Weapons
 Pshycological & echological megaterrorism
 Management & Response
 Conclusions

Module 2

Internatıonal Law & Terrorısm

 What is terrorism?
 Terrorist acts amount to a separate international crime when;
 International Treaties
 Regional Instruments
 Turkısh Perspectıve
 ISO: National Legal Framework
 Law Enforcement Organizations
 Status of the Turkish Armed Forces
 Martial Law Practice
 State of Emergency Practice

Module 3

Financing Of Terrorism

 Definition of Terrorist Financing
 The Terrorist Requirement For Funds
 Raising Terrorist Funds
 Moving Terrorist Funds
 International Instruments for Combating Terrorist Financing
 Cooperation and Intelligence Cycle

Module 4

Terrorist Tactics And Their Destructions

 Bombings
 Arson
 Hijacking
 Ambush
 Kidnapping
 Hostage – Taking
 Assassination
 Suicide Attacks


 Terrorism
 International Law Aspectsof Countering Terrorism
 Human Rights, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
 International treaties against terrorism and the use of terrorism
during armed conflictand by armed forces

Online Training Course
Military Intelligence & Terrorism

Directed by:

Dr. Tomori Mareglen
Expert Consultant in Forensic Sciences,
Investigative Criminology & Intelligence
Secretary General of Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO
Section Leader Italy & General Director of Coordination
International Police Organization IPO

Introduced by:

Mr. Ilija Zivotiv MSc
Expert of Security, Investigation & Intelligence
Counter Terrorism Expert Manager
President Chief Officer of International Police Organization IPO
Section Leader Serbia & Advisory Board Director
of Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO


I-Captain. Gentian Shero
Military Officer of Armed Forces ( NATO )
Expert of Security, Investigation & Intelligence

Section Leader Turkey of International Police Organization IPO
Advisory Board Councelor of Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO

Certified Course in collaboration with: International Police Organization IPO,
Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO, International Prevention Center CSI and,
Promoted by: International Training Center ITC

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