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Conference about religion, extremism and terrorism

Organized by Palilula Municipality and the Municipal Council for Cooperation with Churches and Religious Communities in the hall of the Cultural Center Vlada held a round table entitled "Abuse of Religion: Religion in the service of conflict, extremism and terrorism. Moderator of the round table was a theologian Miroljub Nestorović a part the Mufti Nice Eldin Ašćerić, Goran Avramov chaplain in the Army of Serbia, Prof. Dr. Hatice Berisha from the military academy, dr.Ratomir Antonović the University Union and a member of the Center for security dba, Ilija Životić MSc President of the International Police Organization, Ruzica Kijevčanin Assistant Professor of Law Faculty in Kragujevac, Miroljub Nestorović theologian and president of the municipal council and Nikica Jakšić theologian and moderator.

After the opening speeches and the presentation of their vision of the current situation related to the topic of the meeting participants have access debate to come to a common conclusion. Thanks to the good organization of the host, at conference was attended by several dozens of citizens were attended and asked questions to all participants.

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