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Confirmation of the Executive Board of IPO Section Italy 2020

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

After a very difficult year of work in the Italian Section where we have tried to stabilize many programs and procedures in accordance with Italian and European laws,

we have developed the IPO section in Italy while maintaining the image and

seriousness of the IPO correctly. Of course, in order to achieve good results, needed a good team that understands and follows you throughout the work development process.

After a long work and after many difficulties passed together with my team during the period of the global pandemic Covid 19, we managed to close a successful year by making the Italian section an example for the development of other sections in Europe and around the world and, for this I want to thank cordially my precious friend and colleague, the founder and International President Chief Officer of IPO Mr. Ilija Zivotic MSc for the trust and support he has always given me.

After many evaluations and discusions and after the approval by our President Chief Officer, I'm publishing officially the names of my team which will lead and develop the IPO Section Italy in the coming years.

The confirmed Executive Board of the IPO Section Italy 2020

1- Dr. Tomori Mareglen, Section Leader / Executive President

2- Dr. Valeria Rossi, Counselor / Vice President &

Chief of Education and Crime Prevention Department

3- Dr. Dorina Bala, Counselor /

Chief of Administration and Human Resources Department

4- Dr. Ombretta Romano, Treasure / Secretary General

5- Mrs. Ludmila Carabat, Secretary National and Executive Board Counselor

6- Mr. Alessio Romeo, Secretary National and Coordinator

7- Mr. Narciso Chiellini, Executive Board Counselor

8- Mrs. Silvia Morreale, Responsible of Social Media and Public Relation Department

9- Mr. Giuseppe Lodeserto, Cunselor / Responsible of IPO South Italy Direction

We are also evaluating the candidatures for the coordinators of the regions, whose names we will make public in the coming days.

Dr. Tomori Mareglen

Criminologist & Crime Analyst

Section Leader IPO Italy

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