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By Dr. Debora Moroni, Specialized Nurse - Official Member IPO Section Italy.

We have spent a year living with COVID and we have entered the new year, a year in which, paraphrasing the title of a famous science fiction film, we see a new hope arise, that of the vaccine ... threshold of what can be a new era, that my thoughts can only turn to those interminable moments of struggle and pain, but also of great strength, the one that united all of us health workers and you who knew how to be close to us.

Being "close", one of the cornerstones of the nursing profession, I have always based my profession on this principle, because beyond science, there is a human side with which you continually meet.

The patient, as he has shown overwhelmingly in this pandemic, finds himself alone, isolated, closed in a fear dictated by hunger for air and the awareness of possible death.

Of those interminable shifts in which all our energies were, are, and will be dedicated to the other, I cannot forget those looks that placed all their hope in us, the hope we took upon ourselves. exhausting and compensated with the will to a situation for which no one was prepared. I think of who left us, who survived, the memory of all of them will be indelible.

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