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Decision of Expelling from IPO Membership

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The way to join IPO is not very difficult, it takes a little willpower, desire and to understand the reason for which the IPO was created, but it is much more difficult to correctly implement the tasks and obligations that you take on the moment you join IPO.

You should first understand that IPO is not a shop that sells badges, certificates and police documents or an association where anyone can join and do whatever they want.

IPO is a professional organization which was established to be useful in the community by cooperating with state institutions and respecting the mutual rights and obligations arising from any agreement or cooperation.

Anyone who does not respect the regulation and the statute of IPO as well as the laws of the state in which he lives, will face the consequences defined in the Statute of IPO as well as the laws of the her State.

We are here to serve the community and not to take advantage of the name, the image and the seriousness of the IPO.

Here we are publishing a case of expulsion of a member from IPO due to non-compliance with the statute and use of the name and image of IPO.

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