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Today, out of the order of the agenda, the IPO High Executive Council meet to take this

urgently decision to clarify the following issue:

Michel Vachon with IPO Identification number 91-001 registered as

Official member in Canada who has been entrusted with the task of section leader for

more than 1 year, but since he has not been able to develop the IPO Section in Canada,

he has requested to hand over his duty and leave the IPO with understanding by taking a

title as Honorary Consul. Headquarters has accepted his request and has registered him

as an honorary consul and a digital certificate has been sent to him in the official email.

He made a contribution of 120 euros for 5 years of IPO membership in accordance with

the application form, but to respect his agreement and understanding, the IPO

Headquarters gave him unlimited membership.

He has also been asked to close all social networks sites and pages he has set up on

behalf of IPO Canada and he has agreed to close them, leaving the open way for the

creation of a new management structure for the IPO Section Canada as he has never

registered legally the IPO in the state of Canada as is requested from IPO Headquarters.

Michel Vachon after being contacted several times by IPO executives,

he continues to ignore the IPO HQ agreement and orders by keeping open

the social networks pages and posting even more materials which have

nothing to do with the IPO and its activity.

He has also blocked IPO executives on all Facebook communication

channels after insulting the IPO Executive President in private messages.

For this reason, the High Executive Council decided:

Suspension from any duty as well as his urgent expulsion from the IPO as he

has violated the regulation and decisions of the IPO by abusing his duties

and tarnishing the image of the Organization.

-He is strictly forbidden to produce materials, to publish and to use the IPO name

for personal reasons.

-He is required urgently to delete all sites and pages created on behalf of the IPO

IPO HQ will return to Michel Vachon the contribution of 120 euros made through the

PayPal service and will cancel all the documents given to him and will note the

invalidity on his profile on the IPO official Website

For this decision will be notified the Canadian Ministry of the Interior and other

law enforcement agencies.

This decision enters into force immediately after publication on the official IPO website.

March 19, 2021, at 16:00 local time of Brussels

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