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How can I help prevent a terrorist attack?

By: Dr. Olga Zelika,

Crime Analyst, Detective & Investigator -

IPO Section Leader Latvia .

Given the complexity, strong coordination and cooperation within national governments and between states and organizations at the regional and international level is essential to effectively combat terrorism. Moreover, the ability to successfully address the challenges depends on the capacity of national criminal justice systems to administer fair and effective justice for perpetrators of terrorist crimes, and to undertake effective preventive measures in accordance with the rule of law.

Preventing terrorist attacks and enhancing security are most fundamental responsibilities of the goverments. This mission requires the collective efforts of numerous organizations, public and private, including IPO.

Every goverment must fulfill its anti-terrorism mission while also protecting lawful commerce, civil liberties, privacy, and other fundamental freedoms of every citizen.

You can help reduce the chance of a terrorist attack by keeping an eye out for suspicious situations, such as an unattended suitcase or someone with a conspicuous level of interest in the security of a building.

- Be vigilant in public areas

- Be extra vigilant in places with large numbers of people, for example metro and train stations, festivals and concert venues, and shopping centres.

- Check the location of the emergency exits in every building you enter.

- Don't leave your belongings unattended.

- Report suspicious situations

- Whether or not a situation is suspicious depends very much on the context.

(For example, an unattended suitcase on a train platform does not necessarily mean anything sinister. ) Still, the best course of action is to notify a member of staff straight away, or call the police.

How can you report a suspicious situation?

In the event of an emergency, call the national emergency number.

Report suspicious situations or terrorist activities to the police by calling the national emergency number.

If you would like to remain anonymous, do not give your name and ask to speak to the Criminal Intelligence Unit.

Never take the initiative to act alone in preventing a terrorist attack!

Dr. Olga Zelika, Crime Analyst, Detective & Investigator

IPO Section Leader Latvia

CEO-President of Riga Detective Agency

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