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Ilija Zivotic, the Voice and Image Against Organized Crime

The first Founder and Honorary President of the IPO, Assistant Professor Ilija Životić Ph.D. was a guest of the News Channel in Belgrade in prime time.

The topic of the one-hour visit was the fight against organized crime and drug dealers.

Dr. Zivotic presented the experiences of the American agency DEA as well as the European police, with special reference to the program of repentant mobsters, thanks to whom Italy managed to fight the mafia.

During the visit, Zivotic explained the way in which members of organized criminal groups communicate as well as the importance of mastering the SKY application.

The show also talked about the hoax of the American security services, when they managed, thanks to an associate witness, to convince criminals around the world to use the ANOM application, which was under their control.

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