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IPO invites all active/valid members to participate in the next webinar which will take place on 05.02.2022 at 12:00 Belgrade time

The webinar with the topic "Criminal Psychology" is part of the edition of professional courses "Forensics Sciences & Crime Analysis" organized by the IPO HQ Education Department based in Belgrade, Serbia in the office of the IPO Founder and Honorary President Ass. Prof.Dr. Ilija Zivotic will be lectured by the Assistant of the IPO Founder President for the education and IPO Coordination Director Mrs. Sanela Nikolic BSc,

Police Officer, and Crime Analyst.

As previously announced, all members who will attend at least 5 IPO webinars in the edition of the professional courses "Forensics Sciences & Crime Analysis" will have the opportunity to apply for certification in the Professional Educational Institution "Forensics Group" in Italy and to be registered in the register of professionals

Do not miss the opportunity to join the multinational professional IPO team.

Register by sending an email at: by entering your full name and sending your IPO ID card or Membership Certificate.

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