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Dear members, partners, collaborators and sympathizers of the IPO, we are pleased to announce that in a special session of the United Nations NGO Committee, it was decided that our organization to receive a special UN status.

IPO was founded in April 2018 by Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilija Zivotic Ph.D. and in June 2019 with a special agreement between Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilija Zivotic Ph.D. and Dr. Tomori Mareglen decided to transfer the direction board and to form the IPO Headquarters in Milan, Italy also to reformat the entire management and organization system as well as to enrich the IPO program where the IPO Headquarters was registered with the competent Italian authorities as a multinational, professional and educational non-profit organization.

With the motto "To contribute together, for a safer community, for a safer tomorrow" and with the main goal that through education and scientific work to create theoretical and practical tools to serve as a bridge between the community and law enforcement by bringing together professional civilian and security structures, IPO took international dimensions and rapid development by creating sections in many countries of the world.

The initiative and dedicated work of the IPO founder Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilija Zivotic PhD and the IPO international leadership, the IPO Executive President, the Criminologist Dr. Tomori Mareglen and the IPO Coordination Director, the Police Officer Mrs. Sanela Nikolic, who have constantly represented our Organization in the most important activities of the UN, as well as the engagement in the UN of colleagues from other sections of the IPO, such as IPO Montenegro, IPO Slovenia and IPO Switzerland but also the other IPO sections legaly formed in their countries that have contributed with their work over the years such as IPO France, IPO Italy, IPO Bulgaria, IPO Serbia, IPO Bosnia and Herzegovina, IPO North Macedonia, IPO Kenya, IPO Cameroon and more recently IPO Denmark, also the other IPO sections in phase of legal formation such as IPO Albania, IPO Greece, IPO Cyprus, IPO Romania, IPO Germany, IPO Croatia, IPO Netherlands, IPO Pakistan, IPO Israel, IPO USA and many other sections which have started to be created during this year, made that the IPO to be ranked in the list of the largests international civil organizations in the security and policing sector in the Balkan region, Europe, and beyond that has received the Special Consultative Status of the United Nations.

1. We organize our activities in UN facilities

2. Attendance at UN sessions

3. Expressing views and opinions at live UN sessions

4. Submission of proposals, objections, and comments from the field of activity of our NGO, which is security

5. Participation in UN projects, and much more...

So far, we have received a large number of international recognitions, but to become part of the UN is something truly remarkable, especially considering that the IPO was founded in 2018 and being in the company of NGOs that are founded several decades ago and with budgets of several tens of millions of dollars speaks for itself about the importance of this recognition.

On behalf of the IPO Headquarters Executive Board, we would like to thank all members, especially those who actively participated in the work of the IPO, traveled with us, socialized, and gained new experiences.

We would like to express our special thanks to all those who slandered, spat on us, smeared our work, hindered us, and spread lies and untruths about our tireless activity and work. You just gave us the motivation to go forward !!

The IPO continues further, faster, stronger, and better with the support of the UN using the privilege of having permanent representatives in the UN in New York, Vienna, and Geneva!

This important recognition will bring many changes (certainly for better) in the system of organization and management of the IPO at the international level.

Join IPO, join the professionals >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

IPO News Room

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