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IPO AFRICAN COMMAND President Suaib Adam (HSG) accompanied by DSG Anwar Abdulashakur led a small delegation last week to UGANDA for high level meetings in the Office of Maj. Général (Rtd) Kahinda Ottafiire Minister of Internal Affairs who is responsible for the Armed Forces, Police, Prisons, and many institutions and who briefed.

His Excellency the President of Uganda all the key Ministers, PS's, and Generals within a short time on the introduction of International Police Organization to Ugandan authorities. As a result of the meeting with the MInister and Michael, Uganda has decided to fully onboard an IPO Section, and warm felicitations were immediately held with IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen via conference communication with IPO Headquarters, Milan, Italy.

The Minister formalized his membership to IPO through a formal signing thereby further emphasizing the value of commitment toward the noble goals discussed.

Uganda membership is therefore open to all eligible members applying to IPO.

IPO AFRICAN COMMAND would like to thank His Excellency the President of Uganda, The Minister, and all those who facilitated a very successful visit to Uganda.

IPO AFRICAN COMMAND Headquarters in Kenya remains committed to ensuring peaceful cooperation and prosperous relationships throughout the region and continent as part of its vision and is greatly encouraged by the leaders and professionals throughout the continent that are joining our organization.

IPO News Room

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