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IPO Section Austria organized on 18.11.2023 a scientific lecture by Ratomir Antonovic, PhD, scientific associate on the topic of money laundering.

The lecture was organized for IPO members in Austria by the coordinator for this country, Danijel Panovic. An overview of the legal and practical solution to this problem is given, along with an analysis of security risks and factors that determine the occurrence of money laundering. In the lecture itself, concrete cases of money laundering, money laundering modalities and abuses that arise and occur in the practice of EU member states, as well as candidate states for EU membership, were analyzed.

At the end of the lecture, all mechanisms for combating money laundering were discussed, along with an analysis of international legislation and the legislation of the international community as a legal framework.

The lecture was attended by 20 members of the IPO in Austria, who at the end asked the lecturer questions and jointly discussed the topic, as well as related topics.

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