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At the IPO-CS-02 seminar held by IPO Serbia on August 19th, we thoroughly explored a scenario involving the imaginary IT company "Beograd Solutions." Through this hypothetical scenario, we had the opportunity to delve into the reality of an organized cyber attack.

The focus was on a hacker group named "CyberVortex," which meticulously executed the process of reconnaissance and attack in two distinct phases. The first phase, encompassing active and passive reconnaissance, represented a insightful approach to gathering information about the targeted company. This phase involved careful analysis of system vulnerabilities, identification of key metadata, and understanding the company's objectives.

The second phase entailed the execution of attacks, where the "CyberVortex" hacker group utilized the gathered information to successfully carry out attacks on Beograd Solutions. This phase involved the use of sophisticated tools for exploitation, manipulation of vulnerabilities, and attempts to gain unauthorized access to the company's systems.

Throughout the investigation of this case, we gained a profound insight into the complexity of cyber attacks and their well-organized preparations. This simulation clearly underscored the importance of preventive measures, continuous monitoring, and education in the field of cyber security to preserve the integrity of organizations and their systems from the pervasive cyber threats.

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