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The IPO team held an online seminar for educators and workers in local self-government in Nis, Serbia. The seminar was conducted in three parts.

The first part was lectured by psychologist Marija Sutulovic and referred to peer violence with special reference to the psychological consequences for the victim and her relatives and lasted 90 minutes.

The second part was realized by the professor of the Faculty of Security at the University “ Constantine the Great “, Ratomir Antonovic.

That part, which lasted 100 minutes, was related to the prevention of juvenile delinquency. The most common forms of deviant behavior were explained to the participants and the influence of the environment as a criminal consequence.

The third part of the 90-minute seminar was lectured by IPO Founder and Honorary President Ass.Prof. Dr. Iilija Zivotic.

He spoke about drug abuse among young people. In this part of the seminar, which was attended by 252 people through the online platform, the most common psychoactive substances used by young people were discussed.

Zivotic paid the greatest attention to synthetic drugs as well as synthetic marijuana, ie cannabis that has been "processed" with special synthetic liquids, which makes it extremely dangerous.

Our new member of the Assembly of IPO Section Serbia, Dejan Pavlovic, helped us to make everything go in the best order and be technically well done.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hotel Tani Resort in Nis, which provided us with a meeting room.

This online seminar was conducted according to the approval of the Institute for the Advancement of Education of the Republic of Serbia, which gave to our program the status of a form of continuous professional development.

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