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Yesterday, June 29, the IPO Executive President-CEO Dr. Tomori Mareglen, following an invitation from the United Nations Office in Geneva as an International Criminologist and Expert and in the quality of Executive President of the IPO, has participated in an executive briefing with Mr. Volker Türk Undersecretary-General for politics at UN.

In this meeting were present representatives of numerous important NGOs and Experts from many countries of the world where were discussed the main topics on human rights and close cooperation with international NGOs, various experts as well as the civil society to have a more direct and concrete impact in assisting the community.

A few days ago the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced the appointment of Volker Türk of Austria as Undersecretary-General for policy in his executive office.

In addition to coordinating global policy work, the secretary-general has asked Türk to focus in particular on follow-up to the "Our Common Agenda" report and to continue the strategic coordination work within the executive office, according to a press note issued by the secretary-general's office.

Türk will ensure coherence in the analysis provided to the secretary-general and conduct system-wide coordination, including on the secretary-general's "Call to Action for Human Rights."

Türk has since 2019, served as assistant secretary-general for strategic coordination in the executive office of the secretary-general. Prior to this appointment, he was assistant high commissioner for protection in the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, with particular responsibilities for the development of the Global Compact on Refugees.

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At the end of this very important meeting, Dr. Tomori presented and submitted to the relevant Secretariat the International Program and Statute of the IPO which will govern our organization internationally under the legal framework and the UN statute for international NGOs.

During this day Dr. Tomori was accompanied by Mr. Imet Cafleshi, President of IPO Section Switzerland, and Dr. Dorina Bala Vice President of our partner organization CCIO and representative of Tripla Difesa Onlus with the authorization of the International President Mrs. Edda Giuberti where together they held several other meetings at the United Nations Office at Geneva with the aim of strengthening the relations of our organizations with the UN Executive Structures and with representatives of various organizations from around the world.

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