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IPO Executive President official visit in France

The Executive President of IPO Dr. Tomori Mareglen held a 2-day official visit in France where together with the President of IPO Section France Mr. Nebil Ben Khelifa held several various institutional meetings but also with private sector partners operating in the field of security and professional training who are supporting the development of the IPO Section France .

On Wednesday, June 23, Dr. Tomori held an official visit to the French Ministry of the Interior, to the Central Directorate of Criminal Police, to the Central Section of Operational Cooperation of Police , where are located the offices of Interpol, Europol, Schengen and SIRENE France. Dr. Tomori was received by the main leaders of these operational units where they talked about the programs and projects of IPO which will be implemented to be a support for the Law enforcements in the Schengen area but also beyond, coming to the aid of police structures for improvement and efficiency of services for the benefit of the community.

Prevention as the first phase in the Security process, is one of the key points of the IPO program where our specialists and experts will provide professional assistance in support of the law enforcement agencies. The program on border security and migration flow management is also another objective where IPO will undertake interregional projects which will include the countries of the Schengen area and the countries surrounding region, which will be a support program for law enforcements agencies by facilitating the work and making it as efficient and effective as possible and with a high level of professionalism where community involvement in cooperation with law enforcement will be one of the key points of the programs.

The welcome of IPO programs and projects by the leaders of these units as well as the readiness for cooperation, is a positive sign for the development of our organization with an international seriousness and professionalism. Also, the program for community policing and cross-border and interregional police cooperation is a very important aspect which will be the focus of the IPO projects in the coming years.

During the visit, there were also meetings with private partners who are supporting the IPO activity and are helping in the development of the Section. One of the main partners in IPO Section France is VIRTRA, an innovative professional system that brings an innovation to assist law enforcement Agencies in some aspects which are related to their daily work such as: the use of firearms in various situations and in different places, negotiation and management of hot situations such as kidnapping, criminal acts, terrorist attacks, etc. We are very pleased with this cooperation which will give fruit soon.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Tomori held a meeting with main members of the board of IPO France where they discussed the progress of the Section, issues and needs for the structuring and development of the Section. Innovative ideas on prosperity and cooperation between other sections and their leaders in Europe and around the world where the IPO is expanding and is creating new sections.

We would like to thank the President of IPO Section France Mr. Nebil Ben Khelifa who also hold the post of Vice President of the IPO HQ for Security and Coordination, for his maximum commitment in this official visit in France of the IPO Executive President.

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익명 회원
2021년 6월 26일

That was a please as President of Ipo France and Vice Président of HQ to organise the first official visit of the Exécutive Président Dr Mareglen Tomori.

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