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On November 5, IPO HQ Representatives visited the Auxiliary Police of Budapest, Hungary.

The representatives of the IPO Headquarters consisting of the IPO Founder and the Honorary President Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilija Zivotic PHd, IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen and the General Director of IPO HQ and IPO LED Mrs. Sanela Nikolic who were received at the premises of the Auxiliary Police of Budapest by its Leader Mr. Kardos Pál and his staff.

This organization whose literal translation would be Civil Guard or Civil Guard in Hungary has been functioning for more than 30 years! Their role is to help the police and help citizens. They are also a bridge between citizens and the police. This voluntary, voluntary, therefore no salary, organization has about 75,000 people in Hungary, and there are about 3,500 of them in Budapest. Every day, there are several hundred people on the streets of Budapest who patrol together with the police, regulate traffic where necessary, help with traffic accidents, natural and technological disasters, participate in searches for missing persons and much more.

They have dozens of different vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes and specially trained dogs. They have great merit for the safety of children and youth near schools and parks, they help elderly fellow citizens and the like. We visited one of their stations and also made sure that they have their offices in the local police station.

The Hungarians therefore have the Civil Guard, i.e. the Polgarorseg auxiliary police, the Rendeszt local police, also unarmed, and the Rendorseg classic uniformed police that deals with crime suppression. You can learn more about on their website

The advantage of this kind of volunteerism is certainly that the law of Hungary recognizes them, gives them legal protection because an attack on their members is treated as an attack on an official. They have excellent cooperation with the police because they freed them from a large part of the work that has nothing to do with crime and managed to develop a patriotic spirit among the population. The uniforms and vehicles are almost identical to the police and that means a lot when it comes to the preventive part of the job. They don't have guns and handcuffs, they don't make arrests, but they have excellent radios of the latest generation with which they inform the police about everything.

Really interesting experience thanks to Vice President Pal Kardoš who hosted us and guided us to their activities. Interestingly, such organizations consisting of trained civilians have existed in the USA since 1954, Great Britain, Canada, Estonia, Singapore, Australia and some other countries. Citizens and Police together on the task of greater security.

At the end of the visit, the official protocols of the exchange of certificates, crests, and other official materials of the IPO and Auxiliary Police of Budapest were carried out.

IPO News Room

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