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The multisectoral approach to preventing extremism finds a new, important actor:

the School Security Officer.

With the support of the US Embassy in Tirana, the OSCE Presence in Albania, the Institute for Activism and Social Change IANS in cooperation with the International Police Organization IPO, the Ministry of Education and Sports, the CVE Coordination Center and the Local Directorate Police of Tirana, on November 1, started the advanced course for Security Officers in pre-university education institutions.

The program of this course aims to strengthen the role of the School Security Officer to guarantee a safe and friendly environment for the prevention of violent extremism in cooperation with all state institutions!

For the above, the IPO is giving its contribution with international experts specialized in this field with the theme “DEALING WITH VIOLENT EXTREMISM IN SCHOOL”

Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalization that Lead to Terrorism

Key Points :

1. Extremism

2. Radicalization

3. Early Signs In School Population

4. What Can Security Officer Do

The International Police Organization IPO HQ, as an integral part of the training structure, was represented at this event by the Executive Director of the IPO Section Albania,

Ms. Alma Bime, who reaffirmed the will to cooperate with state institutions, civil society, and partner organizations by making available local and foreign experts specialized in this field and beyond, aiming to build a safer society and together with Ms. Josiba Osmani and Ms. Valbona Gjoka, who have been and are an important element for IPO Section Albania, will work hard to strengthen the image of the School Security Officer as well as the continuation of the development of activities that increase professional capacities.

IPO News Room

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