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In the period from 24 to 26 November, a traditional conference dedicated to European defense and security was held in Berlin, called the Berlin Security Conference 2021.

The conference itself attracted, as in all previous years, the very top of the German army. The Minister of Defense, the Chief of the General Staff, commanders of all branches of the army, cyber security experts from NATO, eminent professors in the field of politics and security spoke.

The conference lasted for two days and had several simultaneous panels in several conference rooms. In addition, manufacturers of specific equipment used by security services were present in several halls.

Our organization was represented at this truly prestigious security event by the

Executive President Dr. Mareglen Tomori as one of the very few security experts coming from NGOs who have been approved to attend.

In addition to him, the conference was also attended by the founder of the IPO,

Dr. Ilija Zivotic, who represented the Committee for the Control of Security Services

of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on an official visit.

In addition to participating in the conference, our representatives had a series of meetings on the sidelines where they had the opportunity to exchange experiences

and knowledge with leading people primarily in the field of digital security and critical infrastructure that will be the focus of our work.

We were especially well received by leading people within the

NCI-NATO Communications and Information Agency. & NATO's Cyber ​​Security Center.

Among many professionals of the sector and various organizations, in this event was invited and our partner organization CCIO Counter Crime Intelligence Organization

which was represented by the Secretary General Dr. Dorina Bala who is also one

the closest collaborators in our common journey in achieving nationwide objectives

and projects.

Participation in such activities and the exchange of experiences between colleagues, experts, and various organizations is a testament to the seriousness and high professionalism of our organizations.

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