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On December 18, 2021, the President of IPO Section France and Vice. President of IPO HQ Mr. Nebil Ben Khelifa visited the headquarters of the IPO in Milan Italy where he was received by the IPO Executive President - CEO Dr. Tomori Mareglen and from

the Ass. President of IPO Section Italy Mrs. Ludmila Carabat.

After that, Dr. Tomori and Mr. Ben Khelifa started the trip together to visit the Slovenian Section where they were received by the Section Leader and IPO HQ Advisor

Mr. Daniel Prastalo on Dec. 19 where they talked about the progress of work in general and the exchange of ideas and professional experiences between the French, Italian and Slovenian Section, where joint projects will soon be launched, which will help the other sections to develop and to have a clear and efficient guideline for the realization of the objectives of our organization in future.

The trip continued to visit on Dec. 20 the Serbian Section where they were received

by the Founding and Honorary President of IPO Dr. Ilija Zivotic as well as by the

Ass. President of IPO Section Serbia and Coordination Director of IPO HQ

Mrs. Sanela Nikolic.

During the meeting in Belgrade at the Office of the Founding President of IPO Dr. Zivotic,

was talked about the discussions in the sections Italy and Slovenia as well it was decided on the organization and implementation of the first IPO Congress which will take place on, June 10-12, 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia and where they will participate all IPO section leaders worldwide.

The first IPO Congress is a serious and very necessary innovation to bring together all the section leaders to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and experiences as well to get acquainted with the program and the guideline of IPO for the coming years.

The location of the first Congress in Belgrade, Serbia was chosen and decided unanimously by the leading team of IPO HQ to honor the Founding President for the creation of this international professional organization which is taking gigantic proportions every day and expanding worldwide inviting law enforcement, professionals and citizens who sympathize the work and objectives of the IPO.

IPO News Room

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