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IPO Montenegro Activity

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

On December 11, 2020, a working meeting was held between the International Police Organization of Montenegro represented by President Ivan Pekic M.Sc.

and President of the Assembly Momcilo Scekic with the

Syndicacte of the Police Administration of Montenegro represented by President Mladen Suskavcevic and the Maritime safety department and Port Management of Montenegro represented by the Director, Safet Kocan.

At this meeting, mutual and professional cooperation was improved. It was agreed to participate in providing assistance in cases of: search and rescue at sea and on land, as well as logistical support. Moreover, professional and personnel assistance was made available. It was agreed that the members of the PA MNE and MSDPM will participate together in workshops organized by IPO MNE in schools under the slogan "STOP peer violence". Cooperation has also been agreed regarding the participation of lecturers in scientific forums, as well as in events of various kinds and physical training and lectures through "STOP violence against women."

On this occasion, an agreement on cooperation was signed between the Syndicate of the Police Administration of Montenegro, represented by President Mladen Suskavcevic and the International Police Organization, represented by President Ivan Pekic, M.Sc.

Mladen Suskavcevic, President of the Syndicate of the Police Administration, pointed out that we must make additional efforts in the fight against violence and that such cooperation encourages him and will always be supported by these organizations because we must fight together for a better and safer society.

Director of MSDPM Safet Kocan pointed out that he fully supports these projects and is looking forward to future cooperation in increasing the safety awareness of the citizens of Montenegro. The President of the Assembly and a longtime member of the Ministry of the Interior, Momcilo Scekic, gave a couple of proposals in order to improve the work in the security structures. He noted that the ministry must recognize the need to involve the civilian security sector, and to form parliamentary control, with the involvement of the civil security sector in key decision-making.

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Unknown member
Dec 15, 2020

Congratulations 🎉

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