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In the second session of the women's self-defense course organized by the International Police Organization of Montenegro in partnership with the NGO System from Podgorica and the Ju-jitsu club Mornar from Bar within the project "Self-defense against aggressors.

- STRONG WOMEN - SAFE WOMEN", demonstrations of self-defense skills against armed attacks such as firearms (pistols) and batons were presented, as well as techniques for incapacitating aggressors during physical assaults (self-defense holds, leverages - control techniques).

The dynamics and dangers of street attacks are depicted to prepare participants for effective defense or preventive reaction.

Adopted self-defense techniques and martial arts not only boost self-confidence but also reduce the fear of attacks.

Therefore, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of developing mental strength and self-confidence as an integral part of effective self-defense, so that these skills can be applied in real-life situations. By learning these techniques, our goal is for women to feel greater control over their safety and to feel capable of protecting themselves and their loved ones in case of potential dangers. This is just the beginning of our "journey" towards a stronger and safer life.

The course will enable women to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for protection and safety in the event of an attack by aggressors, led by experienced instructors who are professionally trained in the field of self-defense and martial arts.

The project has been carefully designed to provide women with comprehensive support and empower them to resist violence.

Through this program, women will have the opportunity to learn self-defense techniques, build confidence, and become empowered with the ability to protect themselves from aggressors.

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