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IPO Project-Border Security and Migration Flow Management

The IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen presents the initiative of a very important project which will be implemented soon.

The International Police Organization IPO has as its primary objective, the civic and institutional motivation for law enforcement in a professional, effective, and efficient manner, as well as capacity building in the fight against crime, and negative phenomena in cooperation with relevant institutions for the prevention of general and organized crime, piracy, terrorism, and others illicit trafficking of all kinds by supporting, assisting and advising justice and citizens through various training, programs, and projects to be closer to the community.

The IPO places particular emphasis on capacity building through training of civil servants as well as police and judicial officials, equipment upgrades, and enhanced cooperation between local law enforcement agencies and international cooperation on the exchange of expertise and strategies in the field.

Border security and the management of migration flows are very important issues for the European Union and the countries of the region. This project aims to have close cooperation with the interstate border police structures, bodies, and law enforcement agencies of the European Union and the international ones but without leaving behind the civil society which will play a key role in this project as cooperation between law enforcement and community is a priority of IPO objectives to strengthen Community Policing and to have a strong and effective partnership between them.

IPO as a Multinational International Professional Organization operating in the civil security sector through training and education, plays the role of a bridge between the community and law enforcement and aims to cooperate with all state structures, national and international police organizations to create a partnership atmosphere for the coordination as efficient as possible of this project which will be a big and strategic step for the benefit of the community and law enforcement.

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