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The President of IPO Section Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Babić Petar, attended today a Seminar on "Security and Digital Business", organized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce Banja Luka.

We are aware of the growing and frequent cyber attacks, the most common motive for which is to gain illegal property benefits.

In this regard, the following were presented:

Practical aspects of security and digital business (What is happening in practice and what are the ways to protect business); Technical protection solutions (What technical solutions can we use to protect our business) and Legal aspects of protection (What legal instruments can we use to protect ourselves).

The lecture of the lecturers was extraordinary. Most of the questions asked were addressed to a colleague, Olivia Zimonja, to the Head of the Department for High-Tech Crime of the RS Ministry of the Interior, who, of course, gave a detailed answer to each question asked.

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