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IPO Section Bulgaria training day

IPO Section Bulgaria held a lecture for visitors and employees in the shopping center in the city of Varna. Every year, a large number of tourists visit this famous summer resort and almost all of them visit the shopping center.

Our members from Varna were informed by visitors and employees that many tourists had unpleasant experiences, that is, that they were pocketed during the visit. Also, the owners of the bars and the employees drew our attention to the fact that during the tourist season, the number of thefts in all bars increases dramatically because thieves use large crowds.

At their request, the membership of IPO Section Bulgaria held a one-hour lecture on how to notice an individual's pickpocket and a group, how to save valuables and bags and pockets, but also how to react when you find out that you have been stolen. In the second part of the lecture, attention is paid to the employees in the bars and their actions in order to prevent theft, but also the reaction when a thief is caught in the act and when they find out what happened immediately after the theft.

The lecture was attended by a large number of citizens, tourists and almost all employees of the shopping center.

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