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IPO Section Cameroon was invited to the seminar on the benefits of Phyto Science and especially the methods of setting up business opportunities, particularly in the field of health.

IPO Section Cameroon, which has great vision in the field of security and especially the well-being of people, was able to see to what extent it became a partner of Phyto Science at the national and international level.

The president of IPO Cameroon Section, Pierre Bertrand, who was accompanied by his collaborator the humanitarian agent Walter BOULI undertook to register IPO Cameroon as a privileged partner of Phyto Science in order to truly support people in need by promoting original products but also by denouncing any form of counterfeiting that could be envisaged.

IPO Section Cameroon also was invited to take part in meetings of the Phyto Science team on zoom to learn more about the outlines of the future partnership between the two structures.

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