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IPO Section France, Executive Board activity 2021

Today the Executive Board of IPO Section France had their meeting to talk about the futur of the French Section and the program of education by webminar, tactical shooting team, first aid courses, tactical drill, and also program to introduce IPO in other public administration.

Steve Smith, Vice President of IPO Section France will be in charge of the webminars in english and will continue the articles of FBI History

William Nchls, General Secretary of IPO Section France wil be in charge of active shooter courses and translation for french members.

Stéphane Lievin, responsible of Instructors team will help to create the tactical shooting team of IPO with Mr. Ben Khelifa, President/Leader of IPO Section France to develop a work book for the range that will be use for French Instructors of IPO Section France.

"Strong IPO for better world"

IPO News Room

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