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IPO Section France Webinar

On saturday 26th june the french section of IPO organised a webminar in english language.

The Topic was : Schools Shootings.

That was presented by IPO french Instructor Alexandre RODDE who wrote a book on the subject named PASSAGE À L'ACTE available on Amazon.

During the presentation 99 IPO members were connected from all over the world.

Mr RODDE give us some example of schools shootings during those last 20 years but also how police tactics evoluated during this time.

As all police forces learn from the past we know now how to react better facing the threat. Also at the end of the presentation we learned also how we can protect more our shcools. To conclude Mr RODDE answered to the qustions of all our members who really enjoyed the presentation.

Thanks to this success IPO France will be able to provide you more subject in English and we hope that other section will be inspired to do the same and developp the knowledge for our members.

President Section France Nébil BEN KHELIFA

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