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IPO Section Greece had this week a high-level professional activity.

The leader of the Section, Master Iskan Selim conducted this activity on the island of Kastelorizo ​​exclusively for the Greek Law Enforcement Forces and the Army Special Forces who were trained with the techniques of KRAW MAGA Viper, Counter-Terrorism and Criminology

All participants remain satisfied and will certainly join the IPO Section Greece soon, this is just the beginning of a work that has just begun, said Master Iskan Selim, but we will continue to work as hard as possible and organize such activities throughout Greece as for the law enforcement, private security services, but also for civilians for whom we have prepared special self-defense programs and techniques for survival in case of sudden attack.

The newly formed team of the IPO Section Greece consists of professional civilians in the field of martial arts, security, and criminology as well as law enforcement forces such as the State Police, Border Police, State Security Services, and the Army Forces.

Our staff will be here to serve the citizens and law enforcement by assisting with various training and projects to be closer to the community for a safer tomorrow.

We invite you to join the IPO in Greece by following the link below.

IPO News Room

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