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IPO Section Italy & CODICE S.A.R.A CODE

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Francesco Trani, member of the International Police Organization IPO Section Italy, after following the course to become an operator of the S.A.R.A. Code, chose to contribute to the project, making the family bar a Safety Point of the S.A.R.A.

This morning in Ischia, at his bar "The bar of friends by Trani" Francesco together with his family, held the inauguration ceremony of the first Safety Point on the island.


CODICE S.A.R.A. a project supported by International Police Organization IPO

and Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO, ideated and directed by

Dr. Valeria Rossi, Profiler and Behaviour Analyst, Counselor & Vice President of

IPO Section Italy, and supervised by Dr. Tomori Mareglen , Criminologist & Crime Analyst, Executive President of IPO Heaquarters and President of IPO Section Italy

Arrives on the island of Ischia coordinated by Alessio Romeo, Criminology Expert, Counselor and Secretary National of IPO Section Italy, the anti-violence protocol that effectively fights domestic and sexual violence. Our experts work in the field after targeted training and are ready to act quickly in case of need.

The S.A.R.A. code it was designed to overcome the bureaucratic obstacle, which is often seen as a cumbersome process that discourages the victim from coming forward and reporting. S.A.R.A. supports the victim in the phase preceding the complaint, then reaching the end user. SARA. it is the necessary anchor for all women victims of violence, from psychological to physical or sexual.

The first support point (Safety Point) can be found at the "Bar degli Amici" in Ischia Port: a metal box with the photo of the S.A.R.A. logo. , you can leave your message there with the request for help accompanied by a mobile number to refer to. You will find sure help, and you will see a little light in your darkest moment.

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