IPO Section Liechestein

Another Section in Europe is added to the large IPO family.

Is formalized today the establishment of the IPO Section Liechtenstein. The initial group of founders of this section of a small but very prestigious country in the heart of Europe had an official meeting at the International Headquarters of the IPO in Milan, Italy.

The Executive President of IPO Dr. Tomori Mareglen and the Leader of IPO Section Liechtenstein Mr. Demiri Shejnasi signed today the documentation for the official registration of the IPO in the Principality of Liechtenstein after is taked the approval from the State Secretariat which welcomed the program and initiatives of the IPO .

They are not police officers or officials of any state institution, they are civilian professionals in the field of Security, Psychology and Sociology who with their experience and with the support of state bodies will give their contribution for a safer tomorrow to be closer to the community in the Liechtenstein Principality playing an intermediate role between law enforcement structures and the community.

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