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The IPO Section North Macedonia started this new year with full positivity by organizing the first official meeting after the establishment of the section last year.

The IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen and the Coordination Director

Mrs. Sanela Nikolic was present at this official meeting organized by the President of the Section Mr. Nenad Mirovski in the premises made available for the IPO Section NMK where was discussed about the program and development of the ongoing of the section and was made a summary of the last year, analyzing the progress for the development of the section, the work done by the Section Leader, President of IPO NMK Mr. Mirovski and his staff who are maximally committed to create a stable and serious section.

The issues that were constantly encountered last year were also discussed and advice and instructions were given by the leaders of IPO HQ for the continuation of the development of the Section.

In the program unveiled for this new year, it was emphasized the organization of courses and training in presence for all members of IPO Section NMK.

The professional courses created by the Department of Education of IPO under the direction of the IPO Founder and Honorary President Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilija Zivotic will be coordinated and implemented in the IPO Section NMK by Mrs. Nikolic in the position of advisor to the IPO Founder President for Education, in collaboration with the instructors, members of this Section.

As previously announced, the first professional course will take place in March, thus paving the way for ongoing training and various activities that are scheduled to take place this year in IPO Section NMK.

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