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Great floods hit Slovenia at the beginning of August.

To make the situation even worse, it happened over the weekend when there were fewer personnel on duty in the emergency services.

Very quickly, the situation became chaotic in many places.

Too many critical points for a country that does not have a large number of inhabitants and therefore not have such a huge number of employees in the emergency services. Our Section in Slovenia did not wait for Monday. Very quickly, all 150 members responded to the leadership's call. After only a few hours, IPO Slovenia had at its disposal a large hall, as well as several vehicles that our friends gave them to go to the field, rescue people, and distribute aid. In just a few days, 300 tons of aid were collected and are still arriving.

The activities of the Slovenian IPO Section have attracted unprecedented attention from all the media in Slovenia as a consequence.

After the first media reports about the activities of IPO Section Slovenia, citizens eager to help compatriots in need began to come to our improvised headquarters. There were ordinary people, housewives, and workers, but also wealthy IT managers, and members of various security services who were off duty.

The former President of Slovenia also volunteered with our members. And they all had only one goal. That as much help as possible reaches as many people as possible.

Our improvised center for emergencies was visited by the Ambassadors of the USA and Great Britain, as well as many dignitaries from the diplomatic corps.

After the situation calmed down, IPO Slovenia organized a camp for citizens in order to share experiences from previous events with them, and also to prepare citizens for some future unexpected situations.

This is a very important procedure because autumn with abundant precipitation is yet to come, and Slovenia is also known for large amounts of snow, which turns this country into the realm of ski sports every year.

IPO News Room

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