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Be ready for the next IPO webinar which will take a place on August 14/2022 at 12:00 Rome time.

IPO is continuing with education for the members, this time we will have a webinar which will be the 4th part of the edition of the professional course "Forensic Sciences & Crime Analysis" which is directed by Mrs. Sanela Nikolic, Police Officer, IPO Coordination Director and General Director of IPO LED - Law Enforcement Department.

This time topic of the webinar is " Introduction to Criminal Investigation".

In this webinar, Mrs. Nikolic will introduce you with criminal investigation, profile of witness, in which all of you can be, what can be used as evidence at court and how will go process of investigation depending from crime scene that we already talked about in the previous webinar.

Continued participation in these webinars is giving our members the opportunity that after attending 5 webinars they can give a test and get a professional certificate recognized by our international partners in Europe and the USA, and also to become a member of Forensic Group and registered in their professional register in the respective categories.

To apply, send your full name, IPO ID Card number, or IPO Membership Certificate to:

We also remind you all that in order to join the IPO, it is not necessary to send an email for membership request, as well as to send documents that are not required by us, you can apply directly in the link below to one of the relevant categories in which you meet the criteria to join the IPO.

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