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IPO Webinar "Fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking"

June 26st is the International Day against Drug Abuse and against illicit trafficking.

Today, we wanted to pay attention to these problems and educate our members.

With this idea, our member and Advisor to the IPO Founder and Honorary President for the prevention of domestic and peer violence, clinical psychologist Marija Šutulović, realized a webinar for IPO members.

Members of IPO Section Serbia were present in the webinar, but also our members from IPO Section Montenegro and members from IPO Section North Macedonia.

The lecture related to drug abuse was about types of drugs, the personality of addicts, personality characteristics of addicts, signs of recognizing that someone is a drug user, physical and psychological consequences and other consequences of drug use, and the impact of drugs on the addict's family.

The lecture related to human trafficking included basic concepts about human trafficking, statistics, and an overview of the most common forms of human trafficking.

The difference between trafficking and smuggling and the difference between trafficking and migrants are explained Marija also spoke about the factors that contribute to someone becoming a victim of human trafficking, and about the mechanisms of control of victims by traffickers, ways to help victims of human trafficking and the reasons why some victims do not accept help.

About both lectures, there were pointed out the ways of providing psychological help to drug addicts and victims of human trafficking.

We will continue to educate our members and we will work primarily on the prevention of all these socially widespread problems, which are expanding.

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