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IPO Webinar History of Terrorism

Today, 97 of our members from 17 different countries participated in a Webinar with title : "History of Terrorism".

The webinar was led by IPO founder and Counter-terrorism Expert Ilija Životić PhD. Zivotic graduated from the Higher School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (3 years), within which he underwent special military-police practical training, graduated from the prestigious two-year master's studies at the Belgrade University for Combating Terrorism and is the author of several scientific papers in this field.

The webinar had 35 slides and lasted about 100 minutes. During the lecture, a chronology of the use of violence for political purposes that preceded the emergence of terrorism was presented. After that, the groups that many misinterpret as old terrorist groups were processed, and it was explained in detail why they were not terrorist groups.

After that, the first terrorist organization was shown, left-wing terrorist groups, right-wing, ethno-separatist, as well as those who abuse religion in order to recruit members. In the end, modern terrorist groups are shown, but also the danger of right-wing extremist groups, especially in the USA.

Finally, Zivotic explained the difference between Al Qaeda and ISIL.

All participants agreed with the conclusion that terrorism is an international problem and that only international cooperation can lead to success in the fight against terrorism. Also, members share the opinion that no religious group, no nation should be collectively labeled as terrorist because, as shown during the lecture, terrorism is present in almost all countries of the world, regardless of religion, gender or skin color.

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