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Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Sunday, July 31 / 2022 at 12:00 Roma time, the International Police Organization IPO is preparing a new education for its active/valid members. This time, we concentrated on the world-famous problem “Protection of the children in schools”.

We all know that many problems started with adolescents in school. Internet is not more a safe connection for friendship or paying bills, but dangerous on a large scale. Children are more dedicated to the internet but not to the real value of life. With this connection comes, not only dependence from the internet but also cyberbullying which is very dangerous.

Cyberbullying is the use of cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail, chat rooms, or social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to harass, threaten or intimidate someone. Cyberbullying is the most often done by children, who have increasingly early access to these technologies and they are dependent of the internet. Also, not less important is peer violence and drugs in schools.

Peer violence includes all forms of physical, emotional and sexual violence and intimidation, which means that there is a wider scope of the concept of violent behavior perpetrated or experienced by children. Basic drugs like tobacco, alcohol and marijuana are the first step of children to start a wrong way.

But how can we help to prevent?

IPO is creating the Law Enforcement Department "LED", which includes all police officers in one place with different obligations from all over the world. All of them are important for some specific field. Some of them are forensics, criminologists, criminalists, some of them are crime analysts, but some of them are police or security officers in schools obligated to take care and to protect the children in schools. IPO is preparing a program for police officers in schools, with which we will prevent the major problems that affect adolescents and school children.

Why we need police or security officers in schools, how they can help, how our organization can help, and more about the main problems that our children are facing, you can learn in our next webinar, which will be held on Sunday, July 31 / 2022 lectured by the Police Officer Mrs. Sanela Nikolic, IPO Coordination Director and Director for the IPO LED law enforcement department.

For participation in the webinar send an e-mail with your full name, IPO ID number, or certificate to:

If you still didn't become our member to enjoy the benefits that our organization is offering you, to learn more, and to have better education, you can apply now at in one of the respective categories.

Join us to contribute together, for a safer community, for a safer tomorrow.

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