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IPO WEBINAR Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

The Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing webinar was held in Belgrade on March 14. 2021.

The webinar was organized by International Police Organization IPO Section Serbia.

Participants were first introduced to the terminology.

After that, the legal regulation in that area in the Republic of Serbia was presented.

It is shown which bodies deal with this issue.

The participants were introduced to which international institutions are relevant in this area. There was talk of FATF and MONEYVAL.

The national strategies of the Republic of Serbia that regulate this area were presented.

The scheme of the system in the Republic of Serbia is presented, as well as which agencies and institutions are involved in solving this problem.

In the second part, the participants were presented with examples from practice.

First, examples of money laundering, where you can see which spheres of business are especially suitable for this activity (gas stations, cafes, restaurants, florists, construction companies, lawyers).

After that, it was shown how the Islamic State finances its activities and how it recruits members. We have given examples of how much terrorist attacks carried out on European soil did not actually cost much money at all. Here, referring to the data of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, we learned that most terrorist attacks on the territory of the European Union cost less than $ 10,000. So did the attack on the French newspaper Charlie Ebdo. The webinar was attended by 38 participants from Serbia.

The lecturer Djoko Nenadic is a Bachelor of Law and a student of the Master's study program Terrorism, Organized Crime and Security at the University of Belgrade.

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