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Italian parents on the alert for the latest social challenge

Italian parents on the alert for the latest social challenge

A note arrives in the editorial office on the new phenomenon, written by the Master in Martial Arts Alfonso Torregrossa and Expert Consultant in Forensic, Investigative and Criminological Sciences. Italy is also on the alert: the "headbreaker" challenge arrives via social networks

In recent years, the number of parents who have turned to our school in search of advice for some unpleasant situations in which their children have been involved has grown. These situations are most often identified as bullying, committed by violent, overbearing and rude children who harass their peers repeatedly. Today this phenomenon is highly developed, we talk more about it, there are many articles on the net that narrate tragic events, and more and more parents try to help their children to teach them to react ...

The new "joke" risks causing serious damage to the victims: the spread from youtube to TikTok is unstoppable. It is the latest madness on the web. The name leaves no doubt: "Rompecraneos", it is said in South America where the idea was born and was spread through TikTok, "Skullbreaker Challange". The online challenge consists in convincing a person (the victim) to jump together and between two "friends". The moment he detaches himself from the ground, he who stands on either side makes a real plane trip. The victim loses his balance and falls on his back or worse, he hits the back of his head, in a fall that is not funny at all and with very serious results. Everything is recorded with mobile phones and disseminated.

There would be a lot to write on the subject, but I want to limit myself to providing some practical advice, which arise from my thirty years of experience in contact with parents, children, with whom I have had the opportunity to discuss, about events that occurred within the elementary classes and medium.

It is important that parents talk to their children, warning them of the danger and absurdity of this useless game. Avoiding taking part both as a victim, but also not to play the joke on anyone, also because the authors of the joke could incur a criminal complaint as well as a probable suspension from school if the video is shot in the school.

For any further information you can write me

Thanks for your attention.

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