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On October 4, Marija Šutulović, a clinical psychologist, and advisor to the president of the IPO Serbia for the prevention of domestic and peer violence, joined the live show

"Ace at 11" on Television K1.

The topic was peer violence in schools, with reference to the last two cases from Mala Krsna and Smederevska Palanka. The interlocutors were also Gordana Plemić, the director of the "Parent" association who was in the studio, and Snežana Vuković, from the Ministry of Justice, from the Department for Human and Minority Rights in Education.

Marija Šutulović explained what the legal regulations are, whether and to what extent the protocols and laws that exist regarding schools are respected or not, and in what way. There was also talk about whether teachers are denied rights in terms of punishment against students, how teachers should talk to children and how to react, as well as the consequences of peer violence.

She concluded that the first link in the chain is parents and their relationship with children, as well as the way they talk to children and what the cooperation between parents and school should be like. She also cited an example of good practice but also emphasized that the consequences of peer violence are severe and that there are such children among the clients, but that unfortunately, only the elimination of the consequences and not the causes are being done then.

We thank the K1 team for their cooperation and we hope as an organization that more work will be done on the prevention of violence until the horrible scenes of violence happen when it is too late to react.

Prevention concerns us all and is very important.

President of IPO Serbia

Doc. Dr. Ilija Životić

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